You can now login to review your account information, make payments, see upcoming payments and more. Request a sign in with our customer service reps to start.

What can I do with an online account?

  • View Loan Details

  • Make Debit and ACH Payments

  • Schedule Payments

  • See Payment History

  • Save/Update Payment Profiles

Online Account FAQs

Who can have an online account?2019-06-04T10:55:15-07:00

Online accounts are only available to customers that have opened a loan with SonAriz Financial after January 23rd 2019.

What is needed to Login?2019-06-04T11:42:27-07:00

You will need a valid email address registered with SonAriz Financial. If you have provided your email address to us then you can proceed with login. Otherwise please call us or email customerservice@sonariz.com to enroll your email address.

My Email is Registered. How do I get my Password?2019-06-04T13:09:09-07:00

If your email address is already registered in our system, click the Forgot Password link to request a password. You will be asked to enter your email address on the next page. The system will then send you a temporary password you can use to sign in.